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Well since it was time yesterday night for my next payment to come in effect it said there is something wrong with processing the credit card and apparently im not the only one having issues with reactivating their account. Go figure, just as the game was starting to get really fun, blizzard has problems with processing credit cards and game cards

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World of Warcraft Interview


"Eurogamer: You beta tested and stress tested the game exhaustively, making a number of changes to the way systems like Trade Skills worked in the process. Are you satisfied that you struck the right balance by the end, are there any things you feel perhaps need further tweaking, and what degree of alterations are you prepared to make to the game now that it's available at retail?


Shane Dabiri: One of the reasons why World of Warcraft is successful today is because of our beta testers' feedback. As developers, we can become so close to the game design that we lose some perspective on whether it is good enough or not. Putting it into the hands of the beta testers made us all very anxious. We were nervous thinking, "Are they going to enjoy it?" But we also had the excited feeling of knowing that someone outside the company was getting to experience it.


Of course, we couldn't implement every idea from our testers since so much feedback was generated during the beta test. But I feel we did a stand-up job of getting as much of their input in as possible. Are there a few things that I wish we could have had ready prior to release? Of course, as developers we always struggle with the "Wait! Just one more feature!" syndrome. Take for instance the PvP rewards system and PvP Battlegrounds. As much as we wanted to get them into the game, they just weren't ready and up to our level of quality for release. It pained us, but it was the right decision to hold them out so we could spend the additional time necessary to make them fun and polished. This is just one example, but we have many more things planned for the future of World of Warcraft. Recently, on our website we began posting some of these upcoming updates to give players a glimpse of what is to come."


Also THIS from Penny Arcade!!! :rotfl:

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48-Hour Free Time Extension


"In our effort to try to continually improve everyone's game experience, we recently updated some of our database hardware. This update required extended downtime for certain realms as we transferred some of our data from our launch servers to our new servers. The hardware update and data transfer was intended to split the load among multiple servers, which would in turn improve performance across the servers involved.

Even though our updated hardware represents some of the best technology currently available, configuration of this hardware proved problematic in some cases. We're working through the challenges diligently, and we feel that resolving the issues that some players are experiencing is just a matter of time now.


We do appreciate your patience and enthusiasm about playing World of Warcraft, and we regret that you faced periods of high traffic this past weekend that caused some of you to have a poor game experience. So, due to the extended nature of the server issues, we will be providing a free 48-hour extension of play time. As with previous extensions, this will show up as free extra time on your current billing period (or on your trial period, for those of you who purchased the game recently). We hope you'll bear with us as we continue to work hard on implementing changes for long-term stability.


We've received many calls and emails from players telling us how much they're enjoying World of Warcraft and that they would just like to have a more consistent connection experience. In order to achieve this, we will continue our analysis, and we'll continue to take further measures as needed, such as occasional login queues. However, we will also continue putting every effort into consistently delivering more information about related technical issues. Again, we appreciate your ongoing patience; our ultimate goal is to provide the high-quality gaming experience that you expect from Blizzard."

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No More Players for World of Warcraft


“We haven’t requested that any retailers pull the games they already have off their shelves,” Gil Shif, public relations representative, said. “We’re just being careful not to release additional copies to be sold until we feel the game servers can support additional players.”

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Message from the President of Blizzard


"I am sure that many of you are wondering what has been going on with the World of Warcraft servers, as there was another period of extended downtime during peak hours last night. I want to be as candid as possible with you, in the hopes that I can both shed light on the situation and reassure you that we are doing our utmost to ensure that these problems get fixed.


Last night, we took down 20 realms for emergency maintenance. The boat between Menethil Harbor and Auberdine was disappearing intermittently, dropping players into the ocean and crashing the servers. Passengers on this boat who were disconnected and tried to reconnect would crash the server yet again when trying to log on. We knew that this was unacceptable and immediately took down the servers when we discovered the problem in order to implement a fix. That occurred at 6 p.m. PST, but unfortunately, complications arose while we were testing our fix, and we were unable to bring those servers back up until more than a few hours later in the night.


Players on these same 20 realms also experienced service interruptions earlier in the week, following last Thursday’s extended server maintenance. While last night’s downtime was unrelated to the issues in the days prior, this is no consolation to those of you that were unable to play. Therefore, in addition to the three days already credited to these players as a result of the server issues earlier in the week, players on these realms will be receiving an additional four-day credit to their accounts. The credit will appear as a total of seven free days on your current billing statement (or on your trial period for those who recently purchased the game).


I want to take this opportunity to say that we will do everything possible to ensure that unexpected downtime like this does not occur in the future and that if it is necessary, we will do everything possible to give you better warning and keep you informed. In the future, we will avoid doing maintenance during peak hours, unless no other alternative presents itself. When complications occur that could impact your playing time, we will provide that information as well. We failed to do this last night, and I assure you that we are making changes to ensure that we do a better job of communicating with our players next time.


I want to extend my personal and heartfelt apology for the problems that some of you have been experiencing on our servers. We remain committed to delivering the best possible service for you and will continue to work around the clock to ensure that we provide an experience that you and I have to come to expect from Blizzard games.



Mike Morhaime

President, Blizzard Entertainment"

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To many people to quickly!! :)


I've had the boat drop me in the ocean 3-4 times during the transfer from one map to another along with 3-4 other characters on the boat, :( let's say the first time it happen it was kinda of funny, we all kinda of looked at each other and were like "WHAT THE F*bleep*K JUST HAPPENED!!!!" but after having to rez 3-4 times before I could get my character to shore without dying from fatigue(which happens if you try to swim out in the middle of the ocean) I was no longer amused :P and this was with my druid which had his seaform(let's him transform into sealion) which let's him swim alot faster without having to come up for breath, most characters would have a harder time of making it to shore. You can rez without having to come back for your body but at a cost of 25% of your equipment's duribilty which cost money to fix and rez sickness which reduces you to 25% of your stats and ablilities for 10-15mins. Let me also touch on the login server issues I've had also, all the sudden you get booted from server and can no longer login while other players are still on and playing(my one buddy with dail up was on and playing, while I was having issues). Plus when you go onto blizzard's website to see what's going on it's either not working too or you can't post because login servers are also used to login to forums. Oh let me also touch on lag in certain areas like the Auction House or when you try to use the in game mail system, It's so bad sometimes it unplayable or you have to wait 2-4 mins before the mail or auctions come up. Let me also say I LOVE the game but these issues are getting frustrating but hopefully blizzard will start telling the players what's going on instead of the generic reply of "We are aware of the issues and currently working to resolve them as soon as possible". Let me also touch on getting help in the game from the GM's, I've only had to ask for help once and once was more than enough, it took them over 5 hours to get back to me on an open ticket. I had stopped playing for a couple of hours and started back up on some other quests before I got a reply from a GM to only find out the quest was not finished by the developers yet and not sure when it would be completed and that was 2-3 weeks ago(still not fixed) and it's only a 24th level rogue quest not some high lev quest. I can find more info about the stuff that's going on in a 3rd party or fan site forum then on blizzard's site most of the time. OK now that I've ranted a little about the issues I've experienced with the game as well as many other players, I must say it is a great game but it comes at a price at this point. Some players on lower population servers are not experiencing most of the issues but most of us don't want to switch servers and start all over with new characters and guilds so hopefully they can either allow characters to switch servers or put more muscle behind the high pop. servers to help fix these issues and let the players know what's going on. :bonk:

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Excellent post there ellilion. I have yet to play this game but I have watched others play it & I definitely understand your concerns. I've been suspicious of something like this eventually happening due to the popularity of the Warcraft series. I especially like your idea of being able to move your Char around to different servers. Has this "suggestion" been brought up to Blizzard and/or has there been a reply to it? I've been toying w/ the idea of playing this game myself but have held off thus far. One thing I like about this game is how it'll briefly "assist" those who don't play as often by making it easier to level up on the current level you're your char is on. That's a nice touch for when someone can't get on as often as they would like.


-- Nem

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