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  2. Hellz

    MLP'018 Summer in July!

    I will be there! Got my 1/2 table ticket the other day. Should be a good time.
  3. Hellz

    June 2018 LAN Party Extravaganza

    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came out. I know I'm a week late on this, but the turnout was great. I apologize for the minor networking issues we had during the event, the buildings coax wiring is roughly 20 years old. Event was a huge success, 19 total people showed up, hopefully in October we can expand out toward the bar area, and make it 25-30 people. For those attending MLP next month, I will see you all there!
  4. PurSuiT

    June 2018 LAN Party Extravaganza

    game on tomorrow..
  5. ActionJackson

    MLP'018 Summer in July!

    hey everyone! Henry invited me to post up so I figured I better Our next LAN is coming up in July and I'd love it if you guys could make it up. It's been some time since I've seen WNY Gamers represented so I thought I'd catch you up on a few things we do that's exciting and different (which you may or may not already know). We're a full blown charity event now. So, the more people we get the more we can benefit the less fortunate. All of our money that we give away stays in WNY. No faceless organizations! We're letting our attendees pick the charity for money raised this event We have no limit on the number of half table seats (formerly VIP seats) we offer to people We have over a dozen guilds represented now. Most of our attendees are in a guilds, and we've updated the lafest website to make seat selection and ticket purchase WAY more easy. Go to https://lanfest.intel.com/guilds to start one up! We're on discord: http://massivelan.com/discord to join us We have a MUCH bigger space, we're now renting the big building (event center) at the Erie County fairgrounds. We are trying to bring in other things to do besides games, namely tabletop gaming. We're going to have a jam packed schedule to keep you gaming all weekend including custom PUBG server access. There's probably more but I'm short on time and can't remember lol It should be a good time. I really hope to see you guys again and would love to see you get involved again for a great cause. Let me know if you have any questions or problems. Best place to reach me is probably on Discord. See ya!
  6. PurSuiT

    Linksys Router for Xbox One Players

    Linksys Releases Xbox One Router "According to Linksys, the router can not only detect Xbox traffic but also reduces peak ping by as much as 65 percent, which reduces lag that gamers might experience when playing multiplayer online. Some gamers might find it difficult to buy that claim, but when the router has been certified by Microsoft's "Designed for Xbox" program, there shouldn't be any doubts." http://www.techtimes.com/articles/227169/20180508/linksys-outs-router-every-xbox-one-gamer-will-love.htm
  7. TENTATIVELY MOVING BACK OUT A WEEK, Moved to the 19th. IF you show up today (the 12th) I'll make you hang drywall or rebuild a carburetor! WNY Gamers Club May 2018 House LAN Event May 19 2018, Start at 2, or whatever. 10898 Blanchard Rd. Holland NY, 14080 Please Note, We are setup in the garage. The garage is only marginally more comfortable than being outside. Plan on being outside but with less rain, and fewer mosquitoes*. Bring your bug spray. Feel free to bring your drones, planes, RC cars, or whatever. 🙂 *The mosquito count is probably the same inside the garage as it is outside. I would say post if you plan to attend so i can get a headcount, but you wont. So ill just chill in my garage with my computer on Saturday and play Rocket League,. If someone shows up, that's cool. I can ignore you while I lose matches in rocket league.
  8. Izumo13

    June 2018 LAN Party Extravaganza

    Nice, I plan on being there!
  9. PerFecTioN

    June 2018 LAN Party Extravaganza

  10. Lapres_3

    June 2018 LAN Party Extravaganza

    I'm in. I'll see what i can do about getting super-tank running again.
  11. June 9th 2018 LAN Party Extravaganza This will be our 22nd LPE Event starting at 12 noon We are holding a LAN Events at the Buffalo 49ers Club on Saturday June 9th. As always pizza, pop and prizes will be included. $15 day of at the door Let us know what you are looking forward to playing here in this forum thread. Pass this invite along and we hope to see you there! Buffalo 49ers Club 144 Mayer Ave, Buffalo, NY 14207 Keep an eye on this thread for more info as it is posted. Thanks! WNYG Staff
  12. In the past week, I contributed 1 day to humanitarian scientific research through @WCGrid. Join me! https://t.co/nWKLpkSVDS

  13. In the past week, I contributed 4 days to humanitarian scientific research through @WCGrid. Join me! https://t.co/nWKLpkSVDS

  14. PurSuiT

    WNY Gamers Club - April LAN Event

    Will be just me there this month.
  15. WNY Gamers Club April LAN Event Saturday April 14th, 2018 starting @ 2pm We have spots for around 10, so let us know you're coming to get one. BYOMunchies. Dinner will be ordered, Thanks! Feel free to pass this invite along... 89 Roswell Ave. Tonawanda, NY 14207 Directions
  16. In the past week, I contributed 7 days to humanitarian scientific research through @WCGrid. Join me! https://t.co/nWKLpkSVDS

  17. I have contributed 37 years to humanitarian scientific research through @WCGrid. Join me: https://t.co/nWKLpkSVDS

  18. "Nvidia is long known to use garbage VRMs on their reference boards.... those generally don't burn out without some extreme overclocking involved to hasten their demise...... However now they've even been called out for using far underrated inductors for the VRAM voltage on their high end cards..... and unfortunately these are starting to fail under normal use in high end cards a generation or two old." GeForceGTX 780, 780Ti, Titan, Titan Black Edition, 980 4GB, 980Ti 6GB Nvidia reference PCBs burning out
  19. PurSuiT

    Xbox One adds FreeSync support

    A new Xbox One update available to Xbox Insiders has added support for Variable Refresh Rates via FreeSync and Auto-Low Latency Mode. https://www.windowscentral.com/new-xbox-one-update-adds-freesync-support-and-auto-low-latency-mode
  20. In the past week, I contributed 12 hours to humanitarian scientific research through @WCGrid. Join me! https://t.co/nWKLpkSVDS

  21. PurSuiT

    VPN of choice?

    I personally use AirVPN and love it. Just wonder what others might be using. AirVPN
  22. In the past week, I contributed 6 days to humanitarian scientific research through @WCGrid. Join me! https://t.co/nWKLpkSVDS

  23. I contributed 45 days to Microbiome Immunity Project through @WCGrid and earned a Silver badge. Join me! https://t.co/ipuV60qOkS

  24. My login still works lol. Thanks for not getting rid of it.
  25. 3-10-2018 WNY Gamers Club March House LAN Event its at my place on the 10th stating at 2 354 Forest West Seneca NY 14224 I have room for about 12 maybe more
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