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  1. ohh yes forgot to put it here too, should be there.
  2. i got a minecraft server up if anyone wanted to play it should get you there
  3. i got all the unloccks on DocF33lg00d... i started over With conan4life
  4. Conan4Life

    Counter Strike

    used to... no fun with out admin prlivages
  5. Conan4Life

    Left 4 Dead 2

    i couldnt find a difib for ... *sniff*
  6. yarr this be a time killler oh yea and DO IT LIVE!
  7. yea i just finished installing GTA4 last night... ill be setting up my online alias of it latter on , outside of not getting into some L4D2 it twas a good time!
  8. i totaly agree there, especally with schools haveing to cut music and art programs, i think its form mr hollands's opus,, if they dont have music and art , what are kids going to write about in english...
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