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DOH!!!! Guess we gotta give you the admin-mittens.... :o


Bot-Using Accounts Banned


"We have recently verified that certain individuals were using third party "bot" programs to automate their characters in World of Warcraft. A bot is used to play an account non-stop, allowing its user to accumulate money, items, and experience without actually requiring the user to be physically present to play the game. The use of bots is a violation of the World of Warcraft Terms of Use and is absolutely prohibited. Therefore, the accounts identified as having used bots have been banned.


Blizzard Entertainment is committed to maintaining an environment of fair play in World of Warcraft. As stated previously, the company has a zero-tolerance policy for cheating or hacking of any kind. Players caught using a bot program to automate any of their characters' actions will have their characters removed and their account banned. They will not receive a warning. Over 300 accounts have already been banned for offenses of this nature.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. If you suspect someone of using a bot, or wish to report other instances of cheating, please email us at hacks@blizzard.com or submit a GM ticket in-game. Thank you again for your continued support."

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I haven't been playing any games the last couple of days, it hits me every once in awhile where I take a break from gaming for a couple of days. But will be starting up again full board 2nite or tomorrow, but I have some work to do on my systems before LAN on sat. so it might not be till then that I can jump back on. Hopefully sooner I should be able to get most of it done tonight. XXfingers crossedXX :o

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Selling World of Warcraft In-Game Content for Real Money


"It has come to our attention that certain individuals are selling Blizzard's in-game property for cash on auction sites such as eBay and on personal websites. The World of Warcraft Terms of Use clearly state that all of the content in World of Warcraft is the property of Blizzard, and Blizzard does not allow "in game" items to be sold for real money. Accordingly, Blizzard Entertainment will take any and all actions necessary to stop this behavior. Not only do we believe that it is illegal, but it also has the potential to damage the game economy and overall experience for the many thousands of others who play World of Warcraft for fun. In order to promote a fun and fair environment for all our customers, we are actively investigating those individuals who engage in this inappropriate activity and reserve the right to take legal action against these individuals to protect World of Warcraft for all those who "play by the rules." If you are found to be selling in-game property (such as coins, items, or characters), for real money, you will lose your characters and accounts, and Blizzard Entertainment reserves its right to pursue legal action against you as well.

We also want to remind potential buyers in the game to please refrain from buying in-game property with real money. We understand the temptation to purchase better items, but Blizzard, and not the seller, does own all in-game property. In addition, we feel that characters can find ample equipment and money within the game through their own adventuring and questing. Please understand that if you do purchase in-game property from sellers on eBay and personal sites, we may temporarily suspend your account, and at the very least, delete the offending items.


Thank you for understanding our position. Blizzard Entertainment is committed to maintaining the atmosphere of fair play and fun in World of Warcraft."

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well i have 2 characters on bloodhoof, one is a 8th lev dwarf hunter(Darby) and the other is a 7th lev night elf rogue(Ellilion)

Tom has a gnome rogue at 14th lev(Fritz) and a dwarf hunter lev 6(forgot name) but he wants to play his gnome mainly but they are in the same area, oh and he has a night elf rogue(Talatarn) 7th lev too i think. But like I said his main character is Fritz.

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Yeah I think the night elf rogue will be my main character got him up to 10th last night but then got booted from server about 4am, the rogue has been my favorite to play so far. But I found transport over to mainland last night just want to finish up some quests before I head over there. but let me know your character on bloodhoof's name and I'll find you sooner or later. :unsure:

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