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  1. Dragon

    Diablo III Pushed back again

    Reserve your necromancer. D
  2. Dragon

    Ghostbusters 2016

    Looks like they read my mind on Saturday. Dragon
  3. If you value that meat, you'll buy it. $6.99 until May 17th. D
  4. Posted just yesterday? I don't know if I can make it .
  5. Dragon

    Diablo III

    Got it. Add me as a friend if you want, dazajac gmail.com. Dragon
  6. Yeah, I asked the same question and I got nada from weirdos. Probably still in shock from all the pron on the internet. Guess we'll just have to wait till Saturday. Dragon
  7. I'll be there and I'm bringing a buddy to hang out for a bit. So watch your potty mouths as he's pretty young. Dragon
  8. Dragon

    Go get 'em noob

    Anyone looking at getting MW3? MW3 has lan support supposedly. I'm very intrigued by MW and its either this or BF3. So I guess we'll see Saturday. Dragon
  9. Dragon

    Duke Nukem Forever

    Slap me in the face and call me an omlet Dragon
  10. I call the vault spot. Dragon
  11. Yay! I'll be able to come play saturday but I have to be back home by my bedtime.
  12. Dragon

    Call of Duty: Black Ops CPU bound, broken online play

    Funny how the console version runs smooth as butter. This is what happens when you have a company make a game that has a solid history in consoles but zero in pc. You'd think it would have faired better being it was made by the same guys that made the last CoD games. Dragon

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