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  1. Get the info HERE!!!! Some good content added new dungeon and updates to all classes.
  2. lilkev

    WoW POPS.

    A good place to check if looking to make a new character on a low POP server.HERE
  3. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - World of Warcraft Client Patch 1.2.3 (2005-02-15) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PvP Duels Dueling across factions remains intact in the patch, in consideration of players' desires to duel members of the opposing faction. *This is a minor patch to address localization issues discovered during the European beta test. These changes affect localized text strings for French and German versions of the game only, and players in other reg
  4. lilkev

    WOW guild

    I could say the exact same thing about the horde running around on bloodhoof. It's not pvp but instead you get a bunch of lamer horde running around behind you killing every quest npc you try to talk to. This has been happening since I was like level ten. As for the level of your characters it's all a matter of free time not skill. I could only wish to be back in school and have all the freetime in the world to devote to games on weekends and after my homework. But calling all alliance noobs come on lets get real about it. Lamers exist on both sides on every server all the time. I have
  5. lilkev

    WNYG WoW Guild?

    More words of wisdom from paroxysM. :stfu:
  6. lilkev

    WNYG WoW Guild?

    Personally i would love to make a griefer hunting guild. It sux when you are just starting out even on a non-pvp server and someone just follows you around and kills all the quest npc's. So i think that would be a good objective for a guild.
  7. lilkev

    WoW links

    Seems to be down right now. Is that URL still valid? not sure what happened to it? I haven't been able to get to it for a about a week. try www.goblinworkshop.com www. instead of wow.
  8. lilkev

    WNYG WoW Guild?

    If the new patch is able to contain what changes blizzard is attempting then aerver would not matter. Bilzzard is talking about a server character change ability in the near future. As far as horde or alliance that could be something to discuss once we have generated enough intrest. I definitly think it would be fun to have our own guild with the possibility of having a small WOWlan for larger epic quests.
  9. lilkev

    World of Warcraft

    I sold my soul and i now i have been consumed by WOW
  10. Those aren't sabres fans. They have on philly jerseys.
  11. lilkev

    Halo 2 GOLD

    And it's in PAL
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