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October LAN Party Extravaganza


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WNY Gamers Club is proud to present

October LAN Party Extravaganza

250+ Person LAN


Erie County Fair Grounds, Marketplace and Grange Buildings

5600 McKinley Parkway, Hamburg, NY 14075

October 22nd - 23rd, 2005

Sat 9am - Sun 5pm event


Registration is now open


Check out http://www.lanpartyextravaganza.com for more details!


Tournaments include:

UT2k4 1-vs-1 DeathMatch ($500 top prize)

Halflife 2 Counterstrike Source

Battlefield 2


[perfecti0n will be running the UT2k4 tourney, so he'll be too busy to play in it]


Fun - Games - Prizes


$15.00 presale

$25.00 at the door


Also, once reg'd and paid for the LAN, you'll get FREE admission into the WNY Computer Show that is in the adjoining building!!


Paypal accepted.

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Hmmm, curious, use this link then, http://www.lanpartyextravaganza.com/payment.php and then click on the PayPal icon there!


Thanks for the heads up!! I'll have to have the web kids take a look at that.

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Hi, My name is Dan and have recently come across LANextravaganza and have come up with a few questions and points I would like to introduce to you guys. I am what you would consider to be the LAN Administrator of a small group of gamers mainly located in Lewiston, NY. Our bigger LANs are run at a local firehall and our average numbers vary between 30 to 45 people including both Xbox and PC gamers and systems. Our group has been looking to do bigger LANs and everything but have mainly flown under the radar due to a lack of both a website and commitment from those who can make one from and haven't despite my repetitive nagging. Anyway, my first question is I am curious as to the set up and how flexible you would be if I were able to convince 15 or so people to come up to your LAN. I will most likely be attending the LAN myself no matter what and was wondering if you needed anything else, network wise. While you guys seem to be fairly prepared, you never know. I am also willing to offer my assistance in the technical field. I have been running major LANs for about 2 years now, am currently going to school to become a Network Administrator, and work in an IT office for a local company. Well, since I am not sure if anyone will actually see this or not, I will stop here and if you wish for more information or what not email me at mastershorty13@yahoo.com.


Thanks for everything

Dan the LAN Man

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Hi Dan!!


I'm sure there is always some kind of help we could use! I'll contact you via email tonight, so we can discuss further. Oh, my email is bdotobdot@gmail.com.

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Thanks for taking the time to write to us, we are always looking to welcome aboard new people. I'm sure we'll all have some interesting stories to share & insights to pass around.


B.Ob. will be contacting you later on tonight to talk things over.


Take care & hope to hear from U soon.


-- Nem

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Totally forgot to post this here....


Update: Currently it is looking as if we will have over $3000 in cash and prizes to give away. Possible even more as sponsorship for this event is turning out to be a lot higher then we expected and lots of sponsors are just contacting us now. Prize and sponsorship list is located on the website for all to view.


Besides the LAN Party going on that weekend, there are other events going on at the fairgrounds also. Here is a run down of other events:


WNY Computer Show and Expo

Fairgrounds Gaming Complex (over 900 slot machines)

Scare at the Fair (Haunted House)

WNY Gun Show and Expo


We are looking for more signups to make this event even better. We currently have signups from NY, PA, OH, MD, NC and FL. Even if you are only thinking about showing up and possible paying at the door please signup now as we need to an estimate of the amount of seating we need.






Registration Form





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You sould have stuck around last night. The 4 of us started playing FEAR MP Demo and 3 others jumped on from the NET, so had a nice 7 person going on. Also Dragon sucks at the game, so I got to blast him several times. :ph34r:

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You sould have stuck around last night. The 4 of us started playing FEAR MP Demo and 3 others jumped on from the NET, so had a nice 7 person going on. Also Dragon sucks at the game, so I got to blast him several times. :)

I would've stayed for another hour or two, but my babysitter could only watch the kids for so long :D


Yeah, I always do enjoy laying the smackdown on Dragon whenever I get the chance, there are times when he really needs it & I'm usually there to provide it ( exception being Battlefield Vietnam )


What did U guys think of FEAR?! I truly enjoy that game & look forward to getting it soon. I love the weapons in the game, very nice effects to them. Mindbender & I were playing it & I tagged him on his foot & the poor guy just blew up into all little bits & pieces :ph34r:


-- Nem

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