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  1. i shall be there save me a seat please.... by the way the jan lan party was awsome i had a blast!!!! -ToMaTO-
  2. was that you in the pretty sleeping bag blankey
  3. you all may hate me now but i cant come i got family and girl friend problems sorry
  4. lol i love doing that.. maybe parents should make it a bit more clear
  5. ouch im in a crisis the only games i got on the list are HL2, Ut2k4, COD o well i guess im playing only three games
  6. ownage89

    Price check

    well i think you will have no problem building with ur money from work just ask for more hours like sarz and get 100 dollar pay checks each week u would have comp in no time u already got a good motherboard comming back to you then i will find a decent processor for you and we will see what else u gonna need to get most important for now is a power supply and case lol
  7. i have another dumb question what kinds of pizza will their be? mom's favorite olive pizza? if i get tired can i nap on the floor
  8. congradulations PErfection on another win!
  9. ItS a miracle today as i just put my new video card and motherboard in i found out that the chaintech motherboard i got had gotten damaged while being shipped and i just put a new one in last night and my computer is fast now and ready for the MARCH 50 MAN LAN!!!!!!!!!
  10. i agree, some of the violence in games and other things such as the grand theft auto games with the "hookers" and other such things its really not needed
  11. ownage89

    Price check

    like i said last night you are better off buying the cybertron gaming computer such as joes and just buy a monitor and vid card radeon x800 lol thats another 450$ eek lol or just buy standered 80 dollar one so u can play w0w
  12. i should be set now i got a different motherboard now i guess mine was shot i dont recommend buying anything from chaintec its just not worth it...but i should have it in 2 days got it from tigerdirect so now i can get booted up for the 50 man lan and own you nubs hehe
  13. i could bring it over for you to look at for me after i get my new cpu cooling fan
  14. hehe thanks for the advise but to answer those questions power supply does work perfectly and all fans are go except when you turn on a computer its suppose to make a beep sound to show that its gonna boot correct? well it doesnt make that noise
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