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  1. i would like to hold a party in honor of bob at the house.
  2. Careful there klyde, your PC may not work. :evil: it doesnt work as it is NEEDS REFORMATTING!
  3. Buckett, I know I said we had a lan event coming up this week, but I was very mistaken. It is actually Saturday March 11th. (See!?? I CAN admit that I'm wrong!) Ok guys, go ahead start picking on me.... :doh: Adminlogin (username) (password) Admin kick Bobsbrat (Kicked for being a n00b) Also hopefully Cusco, ctor5 and Drewbear from cyberjocks will show up, also Aftershock said he may stop by. I talked to obsidean and lexar from pitco, lexar is saying if obsidean is there he will come too
  4. Im in the mood for NFS! also got extra people if all goes well
  5. I liked jedi academy best Battlefront was kind of boring, a starwars without a light saber?
  6. Sience we have no life...http://www.putfile.com/media.php?n=PurePwnage-WoWisafeeling
  7. Sience WNY has a major lan comming and could use alot of people to show up i am going to suggest AM / TAM gametype tournaments . and not just 1, maybe a few. http://3spn.com/ for info on AM / TAM Team areana master is the most popular UT game mod out right now. If you guys would like, make a tournament and ill try and bring players in. also i think www.liandri.com has more info on the gametype / new downloads for the mod. and for the download http://www.liandri.com/MOD.php The best part about this gametype is that there IS NO clear winner. It is alot more fun for people to play an
  8. Not sure about Miller and Moyer... I'll have to post on their forums and see if they will come. I know kalvinclyde keeps talking about the other UT players in this area, but have yet to see them show up at a LAN yet. Maybe it will be this one!! FYI - this one is as my place, which does have plenty of space!! Unlike most regular LANs. You can see pics of the January here. Look forward to seeing you both!!! Not sure if anyone i know iwll be comming this one, but it will b nice to meet D and tweaker, I am always up for a game or 2. This is perfection to me though :spank:
  9. ggs matrix had lots of fun playing u guys hope to see u at lans in near future btw i suck on Antlas thats why we got owned
  10. Dammit mom did u catch me again!? God i hate it when that happens
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