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<Yes, I know this doesn't fit the question posed by Ownage89, but might help him decide if he wants to play, and probably interesting for the rest out there also>


World of Warcraft Interview


"IGNPC: Did tackling an MMORPG title for the first time alter your original plans for the title? Was the final product different from the original intent -- perhaps for the better -- or is WoW the achievement of that initial idea?


Jeffrey Kaplan: I think World of Warcraft has captured much of our original vision for the game. Like all Blizzard games, we wanted something that was easy to learn, yet hard to master. The demographics of our player base are proof that we succeeded in accomplishing this goal. We have some very dedicated, skilled, hardcore MMO veterans logging in nightly. Yet at the same time, there are thousands of players who have never played an MMO who are playing right there alongside of the vets."

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