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I wont tell anybody where I am yet but I'm quite past Forte Lock.


Somehow I think I missed the graveyards though :( owell I will find them second round. :(

Yeah, you played from when you got home till probably sometime after I went to bed around 11:30. I'd imagine your where I am now.


Graveyard was fun, hehe eat my fireball spell zombies. If you go back to hit it up, bring lots of cure disease potions or have the spell for it. At least for me, I got hit one to many times.


I think the question is Nem, when are we all going to hop online together and play? I think we all have Xfire so we can just use the voicechat in that. :(



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Obsidian NWN2 Post Launch Interview - Part One


1. How satisfied are you with the release of the game and how it's been received by fans and the community?


[Tony Evans] We're very pleased with how well fans have reacted to Neverwinter Nights 2's campaign and Toolset. We have been monitoring the forums, cheering on people who have already played through the game, and we're really glad that so many players are finding the campaign so fun and replayable.


Beyond that, we are extremely eager to see more of what the community will create with the Neverwinter Nights 2 Toolset. They have the same tools that we used to create the official campaign. In fact, they have even more tools, since fans have already created some nifty plugins for the Toolset. So I expect great things to come from the community.

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Official Atari/Obsidian Interview - (Support for NWN/NNW2)


5) One of the biggest concerns in the community now is that there will be very limited support for NWN2? What are the current plans to support the game?

Both Atari and Obsidian have ongoing plans to support the game and community. Supporting the title is an ongoing effort, and a game like Neverwinter Nights 2 is not fire-and-forget and really requires us to help support and manage the efforts surrounding the community.

The official Neverwinter Nights 2 forums will remain at: http://nwn2forums.bioware.com/.


Members of the team at Atari and Obsidian as well as our community managers will remain active participants in these forums, and where we urge fans to seek information and updates on Neverwinter Nights 2.

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