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WNYG WoW Guild?

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low poly count modles and lower bit textures help alot in thoughput in older pcs that cuts down on lag.


never play this one, but heard many good things (mee hates the MMORPGs) mmorpg are not my favorate gerne but if you have 40+ clients, alot of npc or baddies and and purty place to play (NOT EVERQUEST AND THEIR BOX HOUES) warcraft hits me from all the screeines and movies ive seen ad prolly an 8 out of 10 for graphics, for a MMORPG client. if it looked like hl2 well i may just pay that

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"That's why we play a game like Guild Wars, where the battlefield is just for you and no dumb ass can follow you around a steal your stuff. :P




I hope the "we" wasn't talking about the voices in your head, :D

As your the only person on the board that I know plays Guild Wars, I could be wrong but I have to wonder. B)

I guess I'm asking if your in the beta? as it doesn't come out to march 22 2k5, It does look good and has some interesting ideas for quests and stuff but let's see if they can pull it off. Look at all the problems WoW is having with some of the stuff they are trying to do.


" never play this one, but heard many good things (mee hates the MMORPGs) mmorpg are not my favorate gerne"-- Conan4Life


I was pretty much the same way about MMORPGs(as well as carcass and hefty and both of them now own WoW or should I say it OWNZ them, hehe) I probably would have never bought the game if I hadn't been in the closed beta and got to try for free.

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