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BioWare Store (NWN)

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BioWare Store


"BioWare is excited to announce the worldwide debut of our online store! In the coming weeks, the BioWare Store will launch with a number of brand new premium Neverwinter Nights modules developed by BioWare and some of the best talent from the Neverwinter Nights community. These premium Neverwinter Nights modules will host a wide variety of features, including engrossing storylines, professional voice-over and musical scores, brand new in-game content, and much more. Three Neverwinter Nights modules will initially be available for purchase through the BioWare Store at launch, with more on the way!"

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Neverwinter Nights Modules Interview


"HomeLAN - First, has the Aurora development tools for Neverwinter Nights been a success in BioWare's opinion for fostering new mods and modules for the game?


Jay Watamaniuk - It has most certainly been a success in our opinion. I would go one step further and rest the success of the Neverwinter Nights vast community on the shoulders of two things; the inspiring talent of that very community and the Aurora Toolset itself. They are linked together. You can hand over the best tools in the universe but if they are not used then your effort has been for naught. In our case we had the good fortune to spark the imagination of not only the veteran modder but a group of people who only previously played RPGs and never thought to create their own worlds. There is an excellent balance of usability for those beginners with enough advanced flexibility to keep the veterans coming back in the Toolset."

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Yeah, interesting concept, I hope they do well with it.


In fact, here is another article on it from GameDaily Biz!!


"Integrating a console online service with an online store is a really interesting idea, which we are considering for any future console products," Greg Zeschuk, Joint CEO, BioWare

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