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  1. I will be there! Got my 1/2 table ticket the other day. Should be a good time.
  2. Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came out. I know I'm a week late on this, but the turnout was great. I apologize for the minor networking issues we had during the event, the buildings coax wiring is roughly 20 years old. Event was a huge success, 19 total people showed up, hopefully in October we can expand out toward the bar area, and make it 25-30 people. For those attending MLP next month, I will see you all there!
  3. Yeah yeah, I know. "Oh look who finally posted on the forum" To which I just say....deal with it, nerds.
  4. I will be there! Games I have: GTA V Rocket League CS:GO HL2:DM Killing Floor 2 Diablo 3 RoS And for some nostalgia, I installed Command and Conquer Generals (Zero Hour as well) And C&C Red Alert 2. Been having a lot of hours on those bad boys lately. Some silly ones some should get: Golf with your friends (Very fun) Blood and Bacon (Killer pigs in an FPS setting) Can't go wrong with Golf with your friends. I also have a couple copies of Castle Crashers for those that do not have it.
  5. Pin this shit. I'm back in it baby. We need to get these LAN's going again.
  6. Get ready, this Lan will NOT be on the 2nd Saturday. I'm hosting, so I'm switching it up. We're going to get to fraggin' on the 3rd Saturday. February 20th boys! Mark the calendar. We have spots for 30ish ppl, so let us know you're coming to guarantee a spot for yourself. Bring $5 or so, for food. We also have a full bar, 2 dollar beers, and 2.50 for mixed drinks. Bring your own snacks and beverages. Feel free to pass this invite along! Address is 144 Mayer Ave Buffalo, NY 14207. Parking situation. As you all know, the driveway is not big. (Its 3 cars easily), so what I will do, Is I will link an image, and what will happen, is we are going to leave one spot in the driveway, designated for unloading. Then you can move your car to a regular street spot. http://imgur.com/5xlCpxJ Red: Unloading / Loading spot Blue: Parking for the event after unloading / Loading.
  7. I'm hoping! Hopefully the power holds up. But we definitely have room for 25-30. RoadRunner from GPA said he might swing by, i'm talking to some other people as well.
  8. WNY Gamers Club March LAN Event Saturday, March 8th New Location, AGAIN! 144 Mayer Ave Buffalo, NY 14207 (Make left off of Ross from Tonawanda St to get there) I will be there (Ring the doorbell to have one of the people inside let you in) around 1pm, so lets start up around that time! BYOC, Power Strips, and Ethernet cables! Also, it is a fully operational Bar, so, Beer, $2, Mixed Drinks, $2.50. Bring your own if you would like, I won't kick you out =P If you get tired of playing video games, theres an indoor horseshoe section, and a dart board in the back with us. Lets have a good LAN this time boys! I need to kick everyone out by 3am!
  9. Im definitely in! Salty Nuts? But, I will be a little late, I'm house sitting for a family friend
  10. Um, I will definitely try to make it. As of right now it is a yes. Been awhile since I made 2 in a row =P
  11. Already have mine pre-ordered. That demolition is insane.
  12. Definitely a cool idea. Not too big on that controller though.
  13. Starting whenever the hell we feel like showing up! =P I'm in!
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