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  1. Buckett

    Counter Strike

    Does anyone play CS:S besides me?
  2. Buckett

    What is good?

    I don't really like the Wii for it's "long-term playability"....I use my 360 and PC for those types of games. I DO, however, love the Wii for the "party-atmosphere" gaming. With just about any of the 2+ player games, you can just pick it up and go. Had a blast at my buddy's house last week playing Tiger Woods 08 and Wii Sports. Mario Party is another good one that the wife and I like to get into.
  3. Buckett

    Which switch to get

    Those Dells are really good switches, too. Bob donated one to the Frag Shack last year...though he asked to borrow it in May...haven't seen it since...not that I've got any need for it right now....
  4. Buckett

    Vista Service Pack 2

    W00t! Parox better get his Vista DVD out and dusted off!
  5. Buckett

    Warhammer Online Guild Night Thurs 9pm est

    Can't friend someone when they're offline....and it seems that we're never online at the same time.... Are you still on the same server, or did you guys transfer? I can never seem to find anyone...
  6. Buckett

    Warhammer Online Guild Night Thurs 9pm est

    Sweet! When are you going to be on again?
  7. Buckett

    CyberJocks For Sale

    Yea, I bolted after the first "high-end" system sold for nearly $300....
  8. Buckett

    CyberJocks For Sale

    Shaggy and I are gonna be there to check it out. I just want to see if I can get me a big TV on da cheap... :guns14:
  9. Buckett

    CyberJocks For Sale

    It would appear that everything inside of CyberJocks is being auctioned off on Saturday, November 8th at 11am. http://www.cashauction.com/auction_detail.php?ID=393951
  10. Buckett

    Warhammer Online

    LOL I was trying the AoC drag...(right-click and drag)...I'm an idiot...
  11. Buckett

    Warhammer Online

    Hmm...every time I try to do that, it drags the whole window....
  12. Buckett

    Warhammer Online

    How did you get the chat tabs to separate?
  13. Buckett

    Problems with my new rig

    Main thing I would look at is the voltage for your 12v+ (idle and under load). Is there a way you can get them from inside Windows (like Giga's mobo tool)? You can get the idle voltage from BIOS. Your system can get all flaky if the 12v rail is out of range (i.e. +12.6 or -11.4). Ran into that problem myself quite recently...750W PSU, AMD CPU, 2GB RAM, x850XT, single 80GB HDD, no optical...thing had NOTHING in the box other than what was absolutely necessary for the system to run, and crashed every time I ran Warhammer. PSU was putting +12.75v over the 12v rail. Changed PSU to 350W El Cheapo, and *voila!* it works now...
  14. Buckett

    Shaggy's Gear

  15. Buckett

    Shaggy's Gear

    One case and the motherboard just sold.

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