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  1. Picked up my black wii U. I like it. Some of the game modes with the tablet controller are really cool. The new Mario is AWESOME!
  2. irons

    gamer and geek parents

    It can be tough man, I have 4 kids of my own. Youngest is 3 now. TBH, going to non-"baby proof" homes isn't that bad. Just have to be a little more vigilant and bring a few toys. We are up in Depew unfortunately.
  3. Yes, it's online only 30 player in 2 team match ups of mostly 30's to late 40's tanks. It is good times. Most of the games in list above are online mutliplayer only away.
  4. Any of you play World of Tanks? Could get an epic company battle out on the field. For promo, might want to toss the info up on some of the related sub-reddits.
  5. irons

    Buffalo BarCraft.

    http://buffalobarcraft.com/ The first ever BarCraft in Buffalo, brought to you by Buffalo BarCraft and hosted by The Sidebar, will be for the MLG Providence finals, on November 20th! From 4pm-10pm. $20 for 21+ @ the door. All you can drink domestic draft and well mixers! $10 for 18+. Your admission in to Buffalo Barcraft's MLG Providence will include the following: • All you can eat pizza, wings, etc. • Your alcoholic / non-alcoholic bevarages. • DJ ASiD dropping sick beats between matches facebook.com/DJASiD • Entry into a raffle for a pre-order of Heart of the Swarm, along with other prizes. This is an 18+ event. Admission will be collected and IDs will be checked at the door. This event will set the precedent for every single other e-sports event in Buffalo. Let's make this happen. Let's make this big. In the future we may be able to eliminate any sort of admission fee, and invest in equipment to make this even bigger and better than it's going to be.
  6. irons

    Anyone have Laptop 4 sale

    http://www.frys.com/product/6580883#detailed Toshiba L655-S5147 15.6" Notebook Price: $299.99
  7. irons

    Dragon Age ultimate edition

    Make sweet sweet love to Flemmeth! I haven't played in a while so I don't remember a lot of the details and never got into mods. IIRC, I went caster as Allistar does a decent tank.
  8. Is there plans or interest in getting the SC2 tourny live casted? I have a few contacts in the StarCraft community and could put some feelers out if there is a interest. Let me know.
  9. irons

    Anyone have Laptop 4 sale

    Depending on the model, sometimes the power board/connector can be replaced. I have an Acer 5580 I could part with. It's got 2G ram in it, missing the function key, but the contact pad still works. I already replaced the power board and power supply for it. HDD has been replaced. Ubuntu installed and iirc an XP sticker on the bottom. Battery gets 1 - 1.5 hours out of it. I might still have the vista disc(s) and key for it if you are interested. Specs: http://support.acer.com/acerpanam/notebook/0000/Acer/Aspire5580/Aspire5580sp2.shtml This one is running the intel graphics and the t5500 intel chip.
  10. irons

    Section 8: Prejudice. Good times.

    don't have it... don't have it .... don't have it. I don't dig the racing games on the PC usually. Typically I find they are done better on consoles.
  11. irons

    Section 8: Prejudice. Good times.

    So, I just picked this up at Steam. Bad: Forced Windows Live down my throat. Didn't want... now have. As I don't have an XBOX it was pain to setup. Meh: "Campaign" is an extended weapons tutorial. Good: Multiplayer! This is some good stuff and very customizable as you level up. Even with my mediocre FPS skills I scored in the top three a couple of times. High ranking doesn't seem to over power yet. Vehicles are not like planes in the BF series, where 1 guy can own a map.... yet. So, if you got it join me for a couple of games.
  12. irons

    Diablo III

    Blizzard Aiming For Q3 Diablo 3 Beta, 2011 Release http://multiplayerblog.mtv.com/2011/05/09/diablo-3-beta-planned-for-q3-2011-heart-of-the-swarm-details-coming-this-month/
  13. irons

    Battlefield 3

    I'm VERY interested with what I've seen/heard so far. but with Blizzards announcement... BF3 might be getting put on hold for me.
  14. What games are on the docket? Anyone picking up Section 8: Prejudice?
  15. irons

    Nintendo DS

    The repairs guides I've seen made it not look that hard. Though vinyl/plastic pry bar would be a big help. http://cgi.ebay.com/UPPER-TOP-LCD-SCREEN-NINTENDO-DS-LITE-DSL-NDSL-OT-/230610293027?pt=Video_Games_Accessories&hash=item35b171d123 There's a screen. Irons.

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