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  1. ok it's Windows 7 home. It's an Acer laptop that did not come with an install cd. The Linux version was Mint 13.
  2. I have a samsung harddrive that had linux mint and windows on it. Sunday the dropped would not boot. kept giving me a Grub error. I made the mistake of resetting the mbr with windows using fixmbr and fix boot. Now I am having trying seeing anything on the drive. I have over 200 gigs of music I downloaded in addition to miscellaneous pics and other stuff Now I am having trouble even seeing the drive. The drive is not that old 3 years maybe can anyone offer any help or help with data recovery. Thanks
  3. Xbox live Hockey and Football leagues, local. Are there any local xbox live hockey and football leagues.
  4. Sacred2

    Guild Wars 2

    Anyone playing Guild Wars 2.
  5. Hey all I got an Xbox 360 Star Wars Kinect for Christmas. Anyone play Fable 3 and NHL 12, got any tips for playing them. Been mostly playing NHL 12 getting somewhat of a fix for Hockey.
  6. Hey all. Merry Christmas. How was everyones thanksgiving. I might stop by. What games will you all be playing? I been playing Diablo a lot lately. I mostly play the RPG style games. WIfe has been asking me about Assissins Creed 3 how is that game.
  7. I might stop in with my kids for a bit though in the afternoon sometime.
  8. What new games did you all get for Christmas? I got the Witcher 2 assassins of kings. Not sure if I like it or not. The graphics are good but in some spots the playability could be a bit easier. I also got Dungeon seige 3. I like this one a lot. I played the first 2, never completed them though. I always seem to get to a ppoint in a game where I can never find what I need to complete a quest and continue the story. Anyone playing the Witcher 2.
  9. Bummer don't have a mb cpu that supports ddr3 yet.
  10. Thanks. I took a look into some of the mods. A few add some nice features.
  11. I bought Dragon Age Ultimate Edition a few days ago. I am wondering if anyone plays it. Do any of you use mods, what are the best one and how do u install them? Do you have any tips for playing the game?
  12. Considering wife and I just moved into new house budget is not that high. Her son mainly does some browsing and some gaming. Mostly console games played thru an emulator. Nothing graphically intense like today's game. preferably a laptop that has a very quiet keyboard too, lol.
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