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Let's start a thread for server / char / level

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Hey was thinking, in case anybody wants to switch servers or wants to log in with a new character, etc., we should have a fairly up to date list. I know only two or three characters on bloodhoof, don't know the rest.


Currently I have:


Bloodhoof (carebear):

Zulutu - dwarven hunter, level 13, going mining / engineering

Jokru - dwarven priest, level 4 :(


Lightning's Blade (PVP, Alliance):

Melina - human paladin, level 42, master blacksmith (252) / mining (280)


Arthas (PVP, Horde):

Shoth - orc war, level 18, mining / blacksmith (up to around 60 each)


Also, if we create our own guild and all that, we should have skillsets listed too, so that we can equip the guild without overlapping abilities.


This way we can pool our resources to help get new people up and running.


P.S. - I will update thread as I gain levels :P

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on Bloodhoof


Ellilion-night elf rogue 30th lev - skinning/leatherworking

Saihar- night elf druid 15th lev - herbalism/alchemy

Nestorian- human paladin 14th lev- blacksmithing/mining

Darby- dwarf hunter 8th- mining/engineering(really not playing)


Lightning blade-

Balinor- human fighter 8th lev- not playing at all



YoMoMz- orc fighter 9th lev- not playing much

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