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Some BF3 news

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Interesting news. Call me up when a week after the first major patch. As it'll go down like this.


1) EA pushes DICE on the release date, game plays likes late beta or good RC.

2) Significant bugs makes the game unplayable. Including clipping and getting stuck on terrain.

3) Balance issues, connection issues, server lag abound.

4) Crappy menu/ui system for finding/playing games.

5) Hacks/Cheats out in under 48 hours. Takes a week to fix.

.... etc. .. etc... etc...


(3 months later) Major patch drops. Fixes for the major patch released a week later. Plays like it should have @ release.

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Actually I believe you have to get to major patch # 3 before things play like they should have at release. But even then you will have ridiculous hit registry errors that plague the game for another 8+ months after release. To be fixed ever ? LoL Yes I'm looking at you BC2. Since the basic structure and gameplay will be the same as BC2, I see irons predictions as completely realistic.


That being said since that 3rd major patch hit, BC2 is my online game of choice. Before that point...very dicey.

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