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  1. heftysmurf

    3dmark Scores

    Your score blended in like a champ. Thanks Bob. My score has not been all joy. The 8800 killed my powersupply. Got the RMA back today. Somewhat afraid to install but my temp PS is so loud. Socket 939 live forever :-)
  2. heftysmurf

    3dmark Scores

    Where? You stated your score. I do not see a link. I thought you were banned anyways?
  3. heftysmurf

    3dmark Scores

    My Score Here ya go Pursuit you punk ass bitch :-) It's higher now I am also noticing I am not the only one who did not supply a link. I am looking at you Paroxysm :-) :spacecraft: :spacecraft:
  4. heftysmurf

    3dmark Scores

    I hate signing up for shit. My sig is where I am at. I paid a little south of 4 for it. nice card but not a tremendo upgrade from the 7900gt despite mad more frames. U can get a 320mb version for 300 or less but it hurts u at higher rez and i have to play crazy res to be native (1920x1200). I was tempted by the GTX but that is just too expensive.
  5. heftysmurf

    3dmark Scores

    My new 8800 GTS - 9647 in 3dMark 2k6.
  6. A nice 150 to 200 dollar graphics card would do wonders for you & likely hold you off till xmas time or later. Bad time to do the mega upgrade due to cost (x2 + mb+vga = $600+) and the fact new stuff is a couple of months away.
  7. heftysmurf

    3dMark06 Released!!

    How much did the video card set you back?
  8. heftysmurf

    Sports games

    I dig NHL & Madden. When a game comes up that I hate I play that instead.
  9. heftysmurf

    Nice basic computer for sale

    Hi all I sold this system a bit back & never updated this post.
  10. heftysmurf

    Nice basic computer for sale

    I overspent like a champ this holiday season & as a result need to recover some loot. This would make a nice backup system that could play an occasional game. Some parts are really new like the case & lcd which are well under a year old. Parts are as follows: 17 inch lcd monitor 16ms COOLER MASTER CAV-T04-UWC Silver Aluminum/Steel ATX Desktop Computer Case iwill kk266r mainboard athlon xp2000 & heatsink 512mb RAM geforce 5200 128mb with active cooling 80gb Hitachi hard drive Sony 4x +- dvd burner 16x dvd rom logitech wireless mouse microsoft natural keyboard black logitech 2.1 speakers (these kick big base) gravis gamepad firewire card Bonus***Large corner computer desk free if you pick it up Tonawanda NY***Bonus The system looks very nice as all the components are silver & / or black. This blows away any cheap oem system. Asking $450 or best offer. Please email me heftysmurf@adelphia.net if interested.
  11. heftysmurf

    x2 3800+ Retail Box and ECS Motherboard

    I am shocked are you selling your stuff off?
  12. heftysmurf

    ULi chipset, AGP & PCIe

    I have been very intrigued by this board. You can upgrade cheaply & then keep upgrading with this board. It is a shame Nvidia bought ULI.
  13. heftysmurf

    3Dmark05 scores revealed

    Man computer speed has slowed down. I have had my rig for well over a year and pull 12314 in 3dmark 2k3. Makes me think is it worth upgrading? Also play a game 3dmark is a lame benchmark :-)
  14. heftysmurf

    64bit athlon system

    I personally was not trying to give you a hard time. I think if you sold it as parts to the WNYG's you can get some good loot. I feel bad as evidently you have a money crunch situation. Some of those items would go real quick as parts. Also I am interested in some of the parts I just have no clue how much you would want for any of them.

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