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New WoW Patch Today

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- World of Warcraft Client Patch 1.2.3 (2005-02-15)



PvP Duels

Dueling across factions remains intact in the patch, in consideration

of players' desires to duel members of the opposing faction.


*This is a minor patch to address localization issues discovered

during the European beta test. These changes affect localized text

strings for French and German versions of the game only, and players

in other regions will not see any changes to the game.




- World of Warcraft Client Patch 1.2.2 (2005-02-15)





Seal of the Crusader: Fixed a bug where damage per swing was

increasing instead of decreasing when Seal of the Crusader was active.

This resulted in a dramatic increase in damage per second (DPS) that

was unintended. The tooltip for the spell displays the intent of

the spell:


"Fills the Paladin with the spirit of a crusader, granting additional

attack power. The Paladin also attacks faster, but deals less damage

with each attack."


The overall increase in DPS from Seal of the Crusader should only

result from the increase in attack power and not from the increase in

attack speed. We understand this is a significant decrease in the

power of this spell, but was a necessary bug fix to ensure both

overall game balance and the viability of different Paladin Seals.




- Various text strings and audio have been corrected for the French and

German versions of the game.




- Fixed a bug that incorrectly enabled the vertex animation shader

option on some GPU's that do not support it. This bug was causing

player character models in-game and in the character selection screen

to appear invisible or distorted. The fix should benefit users with

NVIDIA GeForce 2MX or 4MX GPU's and ATI Radeon 7000/7500 GPU's. It

should no longer be necessary to manually turn off the vertex

animation feature on these systems - it should now be off and

disabled automatically.



Bug Fixes

- Group loot has been fixed to work as originally intended. It will now

work exactly like round robin does, with the exception that when an

item of threshold level or above drops, it will use the auto-rolling

system. (Prior to this fix, when in group loot mode, the round robin

system was only being used for items (all players could loot coins),

which was rather confusing).

- Fixed a group loot permission bug that was telling players they did

not have permission to loot.

- Fixed a bug that was causing the game to freeze when scrolling

through auctions in the Auction House.

- Murlocs play the drown animation when they die underwater now.

- Onyxia correctly hovers instead of standing in midair.

- You can target vocal emotes again.

- Pets and summoned creatures attacking enemies will now tap the

enemies for their owners.

- Fixed a bug with Troll Shamans and the Berserk ability. Troll Shamans

can only go Berserk when they are in the wounded state.

- Rogues now correctly gain Lockpicking skill from items picked in the

trade window.

- Quests that require you to follow/escort an NPC will only complete

when you arrive at the designated area.

- Horde and Alliance members cannot duel with each other regardless of

realm type.

- Herbs and mineral nodes will remain active if they are not fully


- Fixed a bug that was giving higher damage-per-second (DPS) to

Steelarrow Crossbow and Blackcrow than was intended.

- Sell prices on Hypnotic Blade, Illusionary Rod, Mantle of Doan, and

Robe of Doan have been lowered.

- Players who have completed the quest to summon Kirtonos may now

obtain the Blood of Innocents from Doctor Theolen Krastinov.

- The tooltip for the Warrior's Intercept ability has been updated to

reflect the proper rage cost. Using Intercept now requires 10 rage,

not 15 rage. The tooltip now accurately reflects that.

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