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WNY Gamers Club June 2016 House LAN Event

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WNY Gamers Club June 2016 House LAN Event

June 11th starting at 2ish

10898 Blanchard Rd.

Holland NY, 14080


Bring your own snakes and drinks.

If you do not have any snakes to bring, we can look around the wood-pile.


So here's the deal. New Venue!! I will set up for 8, Maybe 10 if i'm bored.
I don't know how this is going to go. I'm planning on setting up in the attached garage. My basement isn't very large, and definitely doesn't have the power drops.
Garage is only marginally more comfortable than being outside. Plan on being outside but with less rain, and fewer mosquitoes.
If this is agreeable, i need the following support equipment:
LAN Sized Switch
2-3 Power strips.
I wont be offended if someone insists it gets moved. Like i said, i want to see if this is doable, come with low expectations.

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