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Torchlight 2 & Dungeon Siege 3


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Torchlight 2 will FINALLY include multiplayer & looks like it'll be a total blast to play. I know that Torchlight 1 was very popular but simply lacked multiplayer, an issue that has now been addressed in Torchlight 2. It offers several different character classes to choose from, an impressive loot system & customization. Not alot of info has been released yet about what the mechanics of the Multiplayer experience, such as what it'll entail, but I'm sure it'll be good regardless.


Dungeon Siege 3 has always been about multiplayer, loot & generally just having a great time. I've played the prior 2 versions & really enjoyed them. Details about what the multiplayer components of this game entail are limited as well, but it should be very good regardless.


Both games offer their own unique flare on Art Styles & gameplay visuals/audio, so both should offer up quite an experience in terms of gameplay.


With all that said, right now I'm favoring Torchlight 2... it offers something new as it has never had multiplayer & Torchlight 1 was very impressive. I'll be getting Dungeon Siege 3 as well. Both these games will be making their presence known @ upcoming LAN Parties.


-- Nem

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