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HD vs. Satellite Radio

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With all the talk about HDTV I figured I would see what ppl think about HD vs. Satellite Radio. I happen to have a HD and (2) Satellite recievers and they are all pretty kewl. The one thing they need to added to HD radio that my sat receivers have is a recording feature with a rewind so you can listen to a song you like again and also song and game score alerts that tell me when a song or artist I like is on another channel and allows me to press a button and switch to that channel a few secs before the song starts and what the score of sporting events are with out having to listen to the whole game or even having to change the channel. One of the big advanages of Sat radio is the fact that you do not have to worry about the lose of reception when traveling a long distance which is kewl. HD radio needs to get working on thier HD2 channels in the buffalo market also.


Just wondering if anyone else has an opionion on either of these.


Satellite Radio vs. High-Definition Radio

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