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  1. I'm definitely down for some CSS. I'm sure so will CoN.
  2. Registered I'd like to see some F.E.A.R 2: Project Origin going... will there be any tournaments? may i suggest CoD4 tourny?
  3. I know this is late but here are the event details.. IPA Pwnfest '08 http://ipalanparty.game-host.org/index.php Cost: FREE Food? Yes. FREE. Tournaments? Yes. FREE. Location: Buffalo State College (1300 Elmwood avenue - Buffalo, NY 14222) - Social Hall in the Student Union (2nd floor). Hope to see you guys there! :guns14:
  4. If there's still room I'd like to come along with a friend.
  5. Well, I just signed up so does it make it 5?
  6. How many people have signed up for the CoD4 tourny?
  7. ACM LAN Party 2008 is approaching! Tournaments, prizes, food, soda, and tons of gamers! Date: Sat. March 1st Time: Noon - Midnight Location: UB Student Union *SIGN UP NOW:* www.acm.buffalo.edu/lanparty FEAR TOURNAMENT W0000000000000000000000000000000000000000T
  8. First poster: bobsbrat Post date and Time: Jan 31 2003, 07:08 PM Thanks for the comments everyone on my flyer BTW, does anyone have a spare gaming mouse? I'm going to need one for LPE. My mouse died and I'm using a stupid Dell mouse I would greatly appreciate it.
  9. I forgot to give u guys a copy of the flyer I made... feel free to use it in any way you'd like. http://cg.tyroeternal.net/myUploads/flyer.jpg
  10. Thanks Pursuit! However, you forgot to edit the "Games to be tentatively played by popular demand" list - it's outdated (maybe add CoD4, Team Fortress 2, CoH, Crysis, etc)... and for the prizes, add UT3.
  11. Bob, a staff member from UB is going to review the LPE website as soon as today or tomorrow (most likely today) for a possible chance of advertising LPE IX via e-mail to computer science/engineering undergraduates at UB. I sent an e-mail to her a few minutes ago and I don't expect her to respond later than very soon Therefore, I strongly suggest that you update the website ASAP today with the most accurate info (sponsors, prizes, etc). If she approves of this then we're talking about advertising the event to a lot of people. I'll give you more detailed info later on.
  12. Feel free to think of me as an "NCAA DIV 3 basketball player" or anything else that may fall in between the lines of your preposterous analogy. I will allow my victory to prove your analogy to be shamefully incorrect I have no problem with playing a tournament consisting of four random games as long as F.E.A.R is one of them - when I first came into the WNYG forums I asked around for F.E.A.R gamers and I was excited to find out that this local club/clan had a few F.E.A.R players of its own. Then I found out you were "the best" F.E.A.R player in this club and, because I have been playing F
  13. Paroxys: All this talk and talk about you're good in F.E.A.R - blah, blah, BLAH. Well, I've been dying to see what you're all about. I called you out before but you never took my challenge as serious as I had hoped. Therefore, I hope you will be LPE '08 so I can play you 1vs1 in F.E.A.R on Bob's projector screen in front of 75 people If you're not attending LPE '08 then we can also play on the WNYG F.E.A.R server. Are you up for the challenge? Don't be scared now
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