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  1. Hey guys, been along time, but im working pretty hard with things lately. I setup my new place with 16 possible chairs for people to come over for the xbox 360 lan party, I almost have 16 working xbox 360's so nobody has to bring anything except the game and a controller. Im working on upgrading them tube tv's to flat screens all winter. Probably saturday night gaming during the cold weather. Going to have to reserve your seats and stuff on my website. But i would like to join your guys next year(spring time) and setup at the hall again. Just throwing the info out there for you guys and hope all is going well with your lan parties ~yz4lifegaming~ robbie schmitt
  2. let me know when the next event is. I restocked up on the tv's and the new place has a huge attic setup, so im doing the gaming again!
  3. Dont go out and buy a playstation thinking its more dependable, the thing that breaks on them cost way more money then any fix on the xbox 360. it costs $150 to send your xbox to microsoft to have fixed. $50 shipping $100 for labor and parts Ill fix it for $75 or ill buy it for $50-u can keep the hard drive, but atleast give me the wires and power supply! I actually hired a helper to assist with me while we fix all of these. Alot of people just wanted the money towards a new one, because they didnt want it to happen again and again. Thats what some of the people are saying anyways! We already passed our 20 mark, means weve done 20 of these things so far and nobody called back yet. So we got them down pretty well! I can provide a warrenty with inspection if thats what you want, meaning if it breaks after i look at it, and as long as i dont see any signs of fraud(dumping water on it) i guess ill replace the parts that have went. Let me know if anybodies interested. We do have a couple of these so if anybody has any hard drives for these they want to sell, let me know. Well all be up and gaming at the events once again, bringing back halo2, halo3 and call of duty mw2! See yuh guys soon!
  4. Halo wars Tournament 2vs2 or 3vs3 initial game will decide teams top 3 or top 2 will be mixed up with the bottom 2 or 3 worse players. We will play a couple of them games and then use a point system to decifer who ranks the top 4. after that, then 2 games of 1 on 1 will be played until the finals, where the champion of one goes on to play the other After that Tournament, we will then go on to play call of duty 4 or 5,halo 3,left for dead
  5. Sorry guys, We all kinda dropped off the face of the planet. We all had to do different things to make the money. But were back, and hopefully well be there to enjoy some gaming. Ill try to get everybody together for the 11th. Hope to see yuh there. Get me the corner again!
  6. Printable Handouts http://www.yz4lifegaming.com/left4dead.jpg Going to be hosting a Gaming/Christmas Party. Card Playing at the bar across the street. Loungen on leather couches and sippen on some drinks, Great location and fun setup! Xbox 360 backup Games will include:Halo 3, Call of duty 4 and 5, Gears of War 2. Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero 3 will be setup, 1 down in the dungeon and one in the living room
  7. Im totally down for a all starcraft lan tournament. Especially when the new one comes out!
  8. Get me some kind of flyers for the gaming, do the kind of flyer where i can put 4 of em on one sheet of paper. Ill run off a couple 100 at work. Earning my pay is what i do best. Ill run em off every tuesday until the gaming. THats a lot of flyers. Peace!
  9. http://yz4lifegaming.com/gotshotat/viewforum.php?f=6
  10. Also made a events listing on myspace for your event. Turned out fairly nice. Its really quite a bitch with the coding u have to use. But heres the link and get a hold of me for future events also. http://events.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseac...ID=319974.72804 Click here to connect you with the myspace event page!
  11. Yz4life Gaming Console Tourney Rundown! Xbox 360 Halo 3 2vs2 tournament if you dont have a teamate, no problem well find you one! Maps will be decided at event 3 rounds (2 wins on each bracket moves on) First game- Map default 2nd game- hammers and swords 3rd game- snipers and battle rifles Army of 2 Tournament Info coming soon! Call of duty 4 tournament info coming soon! Playstation 3 Army of 2 Tournament info coming soon! Call of duty 4 Tournament info coming soon! Resistance: Fall of Man Tournament info coming soon!
  12. no i just do console gaming, but btw Ive Canceled the August 30th Event!
  13. 16-20 tv's, 24 port gigabit switches to provide excellent connection for online gameplay, food and drinks, we are also adding bands for the venue. xbox 360 games- halo 3, halo 2, call of duty 4 playstation 3 games- war hawk, call of duty 4, Resistance 10 dollars to get in for the whole day, starts at noon! Bands should be going on at about 8 or 9pm. yz4lifegaming.com Looking for a PA system i could rent if possible, This is the first time were holding bands Flyer=http://yz4lifegaming.com/BandFlyer.jpg
  14. yeah, but even in most games you can select your video card or turn all the effects and such down. I didnt even get any laughs at my comment about walmart. Lame!
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