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  1. I heard that the it's actually more expensive for this deal than just buying an xbox and a 2 year subscription.
  2. I just missed the deal in witcher 2. I did get Battle Field 3, Metro 2033, Dungeon Defenders, Killing Floor, Pay Day, and defence grid the awakening.
  3. My DDR2 deskotp ram from HP is PC2 4200 and it's two sticks of 512MB. Not really fancy and pretty much if someone want it let me know. DDR 400 mhz 256MB stick PC 3200. Yea, if somoene wanted a stick its free. Laptop ram I would charge $5 a stick, but I can make a deal or trade. 1GB pc2 5300S 2GB PC2 6400S 1GB pc3 10600 Linksys Wireless-g pci card $5
  4. Played this game for a few hours list night. It uses the unreal engine, but it's alot like gears of war 3's hord mode. There is an RPG like element to it with items you get like armor and weapons. Your hero gets up grades too as you level up. It's fun!
  5. there is/was a steam sale for Dungeon Defenders on Steam. I got a 4 pack incase anyone wants to play it. it looks like fun! http://store.steampowered.com/app/65800/
  6. OH and I will try to remeber to bring a chair for myself.
  7. So I have a Weston 32" tv that fell down and now it won't turn on. I tried to see if anything was loose or broken, but I can't find anything. Can anyone help me out? I can either pay or work out something. Thanks!
  8. I have heard of some really good Origin deals. like BF3 for 30 and Arkham city for 25. Anyone else see those?
  9. http://features.peta.org/mario-kills-tanooki/
  10. scaz

    H50 - $25

    This is a craigs list find and I think you might want to test to make sure the pump works, but for $25 it's a great deal http://buffalo.craigslist.org/sys/2691131375.html
  11. This really looks like a cool game world. I don't think they did change much on the engine side of things. Looks like it's still geared twards the xbox 360. Xbox 720 is rummored to have a version of Windows 8 on it and be cross platform with Windows 8 on a PC. It will be really cool to see what Micrsoft and PS4 cook up.
  12. I agree. I wish I could get something like that, but I treat my computer case pretty rough these days. Having little kids makes my life crazy
  13. Is anyone playing BF3 or MW3? Just wondering if I should grabe any of those games.
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